Available as a one-year master's or a master's with professional practice (two years).

The MSc International Economic and Social Justice is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills which will allow you to evaluate and assess economic and social policy interventions. The course will also enable you to consider how such policies could be improved.

All of the modules on the course are designed to address real-world issues around economic and social justice. The concept of social justice is based on the advancement of human rights and equality and this course is designed to utilise economic analysis to evaluate and improve existing policies designed to promote social justice. By the end of the master's course, you will have developed a deep understanding of the public policymaking process and have enhanced your quantitative and qualitative skills in analysing policy from a socio-economic justice perspective.

This is a research-led master's degree. The in-depth programme of study will develop your outlook and capacity for critical analysis. Contemporary policy challenges shape the course; with a focus on issues including poverty and income inequalities, 环境恶化, migration, globalised labour markets, gender discrimination and the gender pay gap, public service reform and changing global economic structures.

The course makes extensive use of the skills, knowledge and research undertaken by the Women in Scotland’s Economy (WiSE) Research Centre for Economic Justice based in the Department of Economics and Law. You will also benefit from the research strengths within the Glasgow School for Business and Society. The school is a leader in the field of gender and feminist economics and is also at the forefront of research in the fields of migration, economic inequality and globalisation.

It is a student-centred, practical and participative environment. You will study alongside graduates from other disciplines and backgrounds. You will acquire solid analytical skills backed by theoretical understanding.

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Two-thirds of research impact for Business and management studies rated as outstanding or very considerable (REF2021)